I am one of the earlier adopter of Windows 7. Like everyone else, I’ve downloaded Windows 7 Beta build 7000 and installed yesterday. I’ve played with it for couple of hours. My first impression of this beta version was “It’s great”. I have to admitted that Microsoft Team has done a very good job. There are lot of improvements have been made compare with Vista Ultimate that I use, especially performance and user interface side. I know there are lot of people already making their comments and I tend to agree with them, both pro and contra.

My comments:
– Windows 7 performance in terms of speed when booting and restarting is much better than Vista.
– The user interface looks simpler and smoother.
– I use Dell XPS and with Windows 7, I don’t need to install all drivers manually, especially network card driver. Unlike Vista, I have to install the driver manually.
– Setting up wireless connection is much smoother compare to Vista.
– It’s worth to mention that I like the new four colors animated-shiny logo. Very cool 😉
– I have installed Office 2007, latest Firefox and it’s all OK.
– There are some compatibility issues with some software but understandable. I am having problem installing McAfee Internet Security 2008. It allows me to install but I can’t activated.
– I also having problem with Internet Explorer 8.0. When I open a new tab, the new tab keep flicking around (with tick tick sound) – trying to establish connection even though I haven’t typed any URL yet. It’s kind of weird because I have use IE 8.0 on XP 64 bits and runs fine. I never have this issue before.

Alright, that’s all from me about this off-topic Windows 7 😉