Hi All,
It’s been awhile since I promised to post more about SSIS and SSAS and I haven’t done so :(…been a bit busy lately in the office dealing with Reporting Services issue.
I picked up few tips that I thought worth to share:

  • When you have multiple datasets in your report, make sure you tick “Single Transaction” option in your dataset, otherwise you will receive a call from your DBA telling that you have too many connections 🙂
    So, if you don’t think that option, SSRS will establish database connection as many as your dataset, even you ONLY open the report (not preview it).
  • If you have an expression like below:
    =CountDistinct(Fields!myField.Value, “myDataset”)
    , just keep in mind that the red color part is case-sensitive.

Now back to my promise about SSIS and SSAS:
I am aiming to post example of each task in SSIS 2008 and some explanation with my best knowledge.
As for SSAS – I will try to post some mini example but reflected on real world scenario with SSAS 2008 and exploring new feature.

Till next time.